New patch released! OST digital download available!

November 30th, 2009 - 3 Responses

We’ve patched Eufloria to version 2.02.

Patch for the full game (installer)
Patch for the demo (installer)
Patch for the full game (binary)
Patch for the demo (binary)

Not tried the game yet? Download the demo!

Purchase the game in our store!

Milieu released the digital download version of the soundtrack. It comes with delightful printable artwork. It is a mere ten dollars. You should buy it from his store right now.

Bugs fixed:

  • Intel graphics bug fixed! WOOOHOOO
  • User levels can now have any filename.
  • Enemy AI now uses flowers properly.
  • Fixed crash when clicking flowers/mines through the UI.
  • Fixed captured enemy flowers not enhancing trees.
  • Fixed AI planting flowers on Dyson trees before they were allowed to.


Recent press

November 13th, 2009 - 4 Responses

While we work on the next patch, we thought we’d update the blog with some recent Eufloria press.

Area5 gave us a lovely section on CO-OP. There’s like 9 minutes on Eufloria here. It’s really an honour to have this kind of time with the ex-1up crew. Great stuff, thanks guys! I think you missed out on some of the interface basics though ;)

Firebrand Radio have a review of Eufloria in episode 6 of Just Press Start :) Great show guys :) “Eufloria is well worth the price for such a unique and enjoyable experience.”

Eurogamer gave us a three-page-long review, written by Jon Blyth. It is fantastic to see mainstream news sites offer this much space to humble indie games like ours. Blyth rated us 5/10, although he said that depending on your point of view it could be as low as a 4 or as high as a 7. Quotes: “A beautiful, thoughtful curiosity.”; “It’s an experience that you’ll enjoy, rather than a coherent and satisfying game.”

Games Radar gave us 8/10! – “smart, beautiful and compelling”; “Eufloria is a tough, intelligent and genuinely exciting strategy game.”

JayIsGames give us 4.8/5! - “Eufloria is a beautiful experience that will really grow on you.” – pun intended i hope ;)

BigDownload say you MUST OWN this game – “one of the best games, indie or otherwise, this year.”

Eufloria updated to 2.01

October 28th, 2009 - 18 Responses

We updated the game to version 2.01.

Patch from any version to current version

Patch from 2.00 to 2.01


Main menu music crackling
Custom levels should now work
Mythical Chapter 6 on completing all single player levels

and Portuguese added as a language option.

Sorry for the late post!

Eufloria OST available for pre-order

October 27th, 2009 - 3 Responses

Milieu has set up a pre-order for hard copies of Eufloria’s wonderful soundtrack. I must say that it was a pleasure working with Brian and I would do so again in a heartbeat. His output is amazing – skilled, efficient, and above all really nice. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a musician!

It’s limited in stock so get it while you can!

Click here to preorder the soundtrack!

Press reactions!

October 24th, 2009 - 2 Responses

EDIT: Wow, we have been getting some really nice reviews and comments! Here are some amazing quotes:

Boing Boing: “it’s truly in a league of its own”

Rock Paper Shotgun: “The game is as stylish and as soothing as a this kind of game has ever been”

PC Zone on Twitter: “It’s good and you should buy it.”

Charge Shot: “Eufloria is one of the best indie games you’ll play this year – in fact, even if you removed “indie” from that statement, it’s still pretty much true.”

It is fantastic to get such nice writeups I must say. :-)


Store live – purchase Eufloria direct from the developers!

October 21st, 2009 - 4 Responses

Our store is now live, and you can purchase our game direct from us via the lovely folk at BMT Micro.

Here’s the store link:

We will be integrating this into our site very soon, but it’s like 2.30 in the morning here and I pretty much need to sleep right now.

What an amazing day. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who helped it happen.

3-2-1 we have LIFTOFF!

October 20th, 2009 - 27 Responses


Hello friends, how are you? We are tired but very excited as after 18 months or so we have finally arrived at the launch day of what is now known as Eufloria!

As this blog post goes up the game should be released, or nearly released on Steam and Direct2Drive (US, UK), with additional distributors and sales on our own site to follow soon. Hopefully it all goes well, but if there are glitches, please don’t panic but report them to us in the tech support & trouble shooting area of our forum. We may be able to resolve them swiftly!

If you have other types of feedback, please feel free to browse the general forum for a good spot to talk about it. We also have a facebook page, and a Twitter Thang, or just send us an email. :-)

Either way, we want to thank you: the players of the game, for giving it a go, we really did try to provide you with a worthwhile experience. In fact there is more to come, as the modding side of things will start to take shape, and we will look into things like achievements as well. The old modding stuff gave us loads of free levels, and the new LUA powered modding framework is WAY more powerful. Expect all kinds of funky things that will add a new dimension to the game.

A few more things:
Linux and Mac users don’t despair, we will try to sort something for you, just let us get this launch thing out of the way and then we can see what we can do.

For those who prefer to buy the game from us directly, this will be possible soon, we just need to plug the e-commerce solution in, and we will update the site as well of course. We have gone flat out to be able to release the game today, so this stuff will follow after launch.

Do you like the music? Go tell Brian Grainger aka Milieu! We will have some cool news about the soundtrack soon as well, so keep an eye out!

Also a warm hug and many thanks to all the amazing people who helped us test and translate the game, and family, loved ones and friends who have supported us throughout.

Right, enough babbling, have a great time playing the game!

Rudolf and Alex

Demo and teaser trailer released!

October 19th, 2009 - 39 Responses

Hey guys,

We’ve put together a demo of the new version of Eufloria. This offers a part of what’s available in the full game. There have been massive changes to the game since the IGF version of Dyson that is available on this site, so please check it out! Full version coming soon!

Get the demo!


Rudolf made an AMAZING trailer for Eufloria and it’s up on YouTube! Man I LOVE this trailer. Check it out:

Official Demo Next Week

October 14th, 2009 - 28 Responses

Demo News
Hello all! With the Steam Pre-Order under way as well now (YAY 25% off!) I wanted to emphasize an important point:
The Official Demo has not yet been released!
I suspect that many people don’t realize that the current demo is the old Independent Games Festival showfloor build. Which is not really representative of the current quality of the game and all its new content, UI, play modes, AI, and tons of other things. (We are still very proud of the old demo though)
We will release an official demo soon, one that includes many of the improvements in how the game plays. This will most likely be on the day of the full commercial release.

Hope that clarifies things!


Pre-purchase Eufloria on Steam and get a 25% discount!

October 13th, 2009 - 16 Responses

Hello everyone,

The pre-purchase for Eufloria on Valve’s Steam distribution service is now available. Get 25% off by pre-purchasing before we release the game!

Go get it!

If you can’t see a purchase link over there right now, drop by the page in an hour or so, and it should have popped up by then.

We are also working on getting our own store and new web site ready. More news soon!