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Build updated and an Interview
Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Hello friends,

As Rudolf pointed out I made a bit of a booboo in the build 1.20 that we released the other day. I’ve updated the files without increasing the version number which is probably really unprofessional, but I kind of feel OK about it. If you had trouble downloading it in the last couple of hours, please try again now. It should be OK. Also if you downloaded the game in the last few days and want the update, but you can’t be bothered downloading the whole thing again, please download this patch, which should update your build with only the relevant files.

In other news, TIGSource posted an interview with me conducted by Leigh Ashton. I’ve quoted it here so read on. Keep an eye on TIGSource for more on the team soon ;)

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Dyson 1.20 released
Monday, April 6th, 2009

Hi all,

We just released version 1.20 which is the version we used on the IGF showfloor. We made it a bit smoother all around, added an attract mode, and changed the rules slightly.

To take an asteroid now, you will have to plant a tree there. It makes more sense this way and lets the belt be completely barren instead of covered in trees at the start of a game.

Also we added an attract mode, which kicks in if you leave the game in the main menu for a while. You can play while the game is in attract mode, but you’ll have the AI ‘helping’ you and the camera may take on a life of its own. Just quit out to the main menu if you want to play normally.


Any questions/comments either leave them on the blog, the forum or email them to us.


Dyson shop opens.
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Hello all. The subject of t-shirts and merchandise keeps getting raised, so we decided to experiment with an online shop selling Dyson-themed apparel. We are not doing this to try to cash in, but mostly because there seems to be a demand for it, so we have only added a few bucks on top of the base price. (3-4$s only, it is mostly a service to those of you who like this stuff! :-) )

See what you think: Alex and Rudolf’s Dyson-Game shop.

If this is successful we may expand into a European shop as well to ease the shipping cost. Comments below if you have any. :-)